Dany Lavoie is a camera operator who excels in designing shots to tell the story creatively and in an efficient way. Dany is of a calm and respectful nature and values team collaboration. He has outstanding leadership, problem-solving and management skills that facilitate coordinating the set to achieve the best result with whatever is before him. With his vast cinematography experiences as a DP himself, he is also a tremendous help to the director of photography. His awareness of lighting challenges when designing a shot and capacity to take on additional responsibility supports the DP to fulfill their busy role.

Dany is also best known for his ability to film in remote areas all over the world. His years of experiences in rock climbing, alpine expedition and travelling to remote areas of the globe allow him to bring authentic and unique perspectives to his storytelling.

Dany’s career evolved from documentary film in the Canadian Arctic, throughout South America and across Asia to Africa. His work as a DP / Operator expanded from Docu-Drama to narrative TV work and then to commercial work with clients such as Reebok, Enbridge, SEMAFO, Canadian Arms Force, etc… It then grow to narrative work as an A Camera Operator on major network and streaming TV series (Apple, Netflix, CBS, CW) and feature film like Antlers. In the past 2 years, Dany had also the opportunity to DP second unit on major shows like The Stand (CBS) and Pachinko (Apple). He also did the cinematography on Indie films like; The Island Between Tides, Human Flight 3D, Nicolas Noel 2 and Fall Back Down.